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Stens (I just posted this one so we would have all zero's)

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Maybe this way I can get Hawk to move the Sten post over here so it can take the black mark off of Non M-14 Military weapons.
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I am going to have some pictures in the next couple of days but you'll have to look close to pick out the stens. :roll: Since I haven't been able to figure out how to post pics yet I'll have to warn Six ( If he's watching I guess I won't have to tell him ) he said he would take care of that. If anybody watches the American Shooter they do a piece on the Sten and Bren. :D :p
Actually, this probably should not be in the full auto section as there are only six fulls in the picture. I think what I will do is let ya'll see if you can pick them out. Remember those puzzles with the numbers? Well let's see how many you can find. :D :roll:
Now that I think I've got this one figured out here are two shots of the original Sten that I have.


This one was apparently carried by someone for a long time, if you will note the addition of the piece just behind the trigger.


I like this edit thing, this one disappeared.

I hope this one looks good to someone. :D :D Oh well, I tried anyway. :p :p
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why Federal...I Think you've got it!!! Cool pics!
Well Hawk, I hope your right, what am I saying. :lol: I thought I might try to improve on it a little. Let's see if this one is any better. :wink:


I think I like it.
Are the STENs as bad as the reports I have read? I have read stories of them falling apart if you dropped them. From the one I looked at I don't see how.

I was looking at a semi-auto only one at a gun show last week. They are crude to say the least, but looked like they would work well.

Anyone have first hand experence with one? How about the semi-auto only version? Just thought it would be something different.
As you can see Doug, I have a few. All that I have are the real thing. 8) The real ones are magazine sensitive and do like to digest hotter than usual ammo.

I have no experience with the semi version, does it fire from an open bolt? Good news, they will not fall apart!. 8O Considering they cost about $5.20 to make I think they are outstanding. They certainly are fun to shoot.

I'm glad to see some one take an interest, thanks Doug, if I can help with anything else just holler. :wink:

I really did not talk to much with the guy who had them. I have seen reference to them elsewhere. Something I may need to check into more, thanks for the reply.

Your collection did look interesting. I knew a gentleman in Conn. that dealt in class 111 weapons. Talk about feeling like a kid in a candy shop.
I think it would be worth checking into, if you find out anything more about them let me know.

We are a Class II Manufacturer so ours are clean.

Keep your interest alive, Doug.

Doug you said
"thanks for the reply. " That's why Hawk keeps us around. :lol: :lol:

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I found one site at www.semiautosten.com

They do not give a lot of info. 16 inch barrel, closed bolt oppration, $269.00 for the kit.
The sight seems to give enough information and the price is reasonable. :) I do see some draw backs however. First, I think the only thing that remains that is Sten is the stock. Second the 16" barrel is going to take some of the fun out of the handling. Third the gun will shoot differently because of the longer barrel, because of the closed bolt firing, and because of the weight difference. :cry: :cry:

On the plus side if you can't have the real thing this seems to be the next best thing. :)

Now that you know the plus's and the minus's as I see them you'll have to make your own decision, Doug. Have fun, good luck. :wink:
I did not think you could build a new one except for the government, did I miss something?

I read about someone out in the PRofK that had built a STEN and got the law declaired unconstitutional, but I really do not want to push something like that.
I know their are some parts kits still around. :D :D Before you put one together you have to file the proper paper work. :wink: As far as the semi ones you can do as many as you want with less paper.

Have fun, Doug!

I just signed up and found the Sten semi-auto kit information interesting. I am not sure I have the machining expertise to do one of these kits, but I am willing to give it a try if Federal thinks it is not beyond what an amateur can do? Or do you have any other recomendations?
Welcome aboard, Frank, you're among friends! :wink: :wink:

The important part is the paper work, don't forget that. The rest is easy with the resources that you have. Someone out in the shop should be able to help with the tube. :) If you can take a Gyro-Jet apart I'm sure you can do this. :lol: :lol:

The one in the pictures isn't a kit, it's OEM. :)

Did you go up to the New Member Check In? Should! Duck is a nice guy. While your there stop in at the Welcome Wagon, see if Six has put you on his list. :roll: Give him a thanks, he gets little enough of that. :!: :!: The Welcome Aboard is another good spot, Hawk is the C.O.

Welcome Aboard the Firing Line - fstram =D>

Glad you decided to join the crew.

We're a pretty friendly bunch around here, so jump on in and meet the rest of the folks. Hope you enjoy the forums.

Pull up a chair and we'll set a place at the table for ya. \:D/


p.s. to Federal - Didn't mean to jump your thread but I saw this thread and couldn't help myself - I always like to say "Welcome" to new shooting friends. :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen:

I still think those Stens are really neat. :wink: Every time I see a Sten I think of the British Commandos in WW II sneaking around the hedge rows looking for the "Bosche".

Talk about a gun with some colorful history. :D I'd love to be able to fire one of the full-auto versions.

Good stuff - I'm glad we've got this forum.

Have a good one.

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Welcome aboard, Frank!

You've just joined a great group of people. Federal even has me interested in building a squirt gun, AK, Sten or something bigger. Just be sure to do the required paperwork. :x
If anyone is interested, in SGN (Shotgun News) Oct. 1 issue, on page 61, ad from Gunsnstuff has Sten MK111 Parts kit, demilled to ATF spec. It's also on their website, got some other pretty cool stuff. HTH.

See I told you, nice bunch,Fstram. Tatonka is also one of our Gun Club guys, looks like he might have a lead for you on your kit.

No problem, Dennis, always good to hear from you. :D :D I've got a couple of those things handy but that would be kind of a long distance shoot for you. :lol: :lol:
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