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Just got this new addition, thought I'd show it off a little. Been doing some research on long range optics and this ended up being my choice. My four choices were this, S&B, Premier and March.
I read a ton of reviews on all of them but this review really covered the field including the Kahles. It confirmed everything I had read.


I've only had a chance to peek through it hand-held...really doesn't do a scope justice but man is it clear! And heavy!
I have a set of TPS rings on the way and I still nee to drill and tap my mount and receiver, then get the mount anodized. (I had to machine my own picatinny rail mount for this rifle)
This is going on my Sako M995 TRG-S (S stands for sort of... ;) )

The rings will have it sitting just about like it is here:

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