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Standing Tall... (revisited new)

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Aloha Everyone...

I have finally got a break on time, so I thought I would post more pics... Last night, "guest" said... in my Work Area post...
All that space & all those tools & not one M-14 to be seen. 14/35
so, I thought... That is right! So I took a picture this morning of the current line up... Called...Standing Tall and Looking Good!


I added the "...and Looking Good" part as I was corrected by a Marine member that "Standing Tall and Looking Good!" was the correct phrase... :lol:

Anyway, it looks like the original lineup but now there are 7 babies with WhamoCamo colors!!! And only a few more WhamoCamo stocks to go! Then I will have a complete set and lineup!!! I want all 10 lined up and looking good!!!

This is the current configuration of rifles, left to right!

SA Supermatch M1A - Walnut - Post Ban
SA National Match M1A - Walnut - Post Ban
SA National Match M1A - Birch - Pre Ban
PolyTech M14S - LZ Nighthawk - Pre Ban
SA NM M1A - Renegade - Pre-ban
SA Std. M1A - Woodland - Pre-ban
SA Loaded M1A - Choco Chip (6 Color) - Post Ban
SA Devine M1A - Urban - Pre-Ban
SA Loaded M1A - Sage - Post Ban
Armscorp M14 NM - Seminole - Post Ban

I also have another pre-ban SM that is currently under construction with its stock at WhamoCamo as we speak... :lol: A total of 11 M14 type rifles in the family!!! So far! :lol:

Thanks for letting me share some of my "Pride and Joy" to you all!!! I hope you liked the pic.

Aloha and Best Wishes,

Tom O.
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Nice rack Tomodachi, Hard to see it though with all those Cammie stocks in the way :roll: That's a beautiful set of M-14s too :D :D I cant's wait to get my "SparrowHawk" DMR stock done by Six. It will be the perfect completion to my DMR project.
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