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SR 25 Mag question.

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I'm looking to buy metal SR 25 mags for my Galil ACE. So far I bought a CSpecs which seems well made and fits and has functioned well for 80 rnds. I just got a DPMS yesterday but haven't used it yet. It too seems well made, though a little different in construction, have tried it in the gun and fits and drops out well full or empty. Some advice I got from another forum said stay away from ProMag that they aren't that good. So while looking for better prices for DPMS mags I find that DPMS (Panther Arms) are made by ProMag. Now I'm confused. I get a recommendation for DPMS and against ProMag but find out ProMag apparently makes DPMS. Can anyone help me out here figure this out? What can I get for a good reliable steel mag that doesn't cost $100 (KAC). I want to have 20-30 mags which is just policy for my rifles but haven't got a clue as of now which are worth the investment. Any help on this would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.
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Are the current C-Products mags any good? I bought a couple of them a long time ago, and they've worked reat. My DPMS mags needed some feed lip tweaking for 100% reliability.

Once PMAGs were introduced, I didn't buy any more metal ones.

They're not cheap, but LaRue sells them also. I'm not sure if they make them in-house, or have them made for them.
It's been 9 years, but If I remember correctly , I needed to spread the feed lips to raise the height of cartridge.

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