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Springfield warranty question...

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I have a stock Springfield M1A Standard that I plan on having extensive work on. I intend to replace almost of the existing parts...new barrel, various USGI parts (bolt, trigger,op rod), a unitized gas system, etc. By the time this project is complete, the only original part will be the receiver. By replacing parts, does this void my lifetime warranty? What is Springfield's position on warranty work for rifles that no longer sport the original parts?
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If anyone but springfield does the work yes it will void the warranty. I have read where someone was having problems with there rifle and sent parts in with it and springfield replaced them while they had it don't know if it was all done under warranty or if there was a charge for the extra work.
M1ANewbie I think Fred could be correct on this. To be certain
I would contact SA and explain to them that you want to "upgrade"
the rifle to all USGI parts by another source. They will advise you if
the warranty will be void. Pick up the phone and call them. By the
way, ask them about doing the upgrades, might suprise you. ;)
How would they know if the parts aren't original or not?
What part of the warranty do you want? I'm sure that they would replace the reciever since it was their part but if that is the only part on the rifle that is SA, then why does it matter? :?:
Also, if installing new parts yourself or having soemone other than SA Inc do the work, then all of our warranties would be void the first time we had to install a new barrel or replace some other wear and tear item, such as firing pins, ejector springs, etc. I'm sure SA Inc wouldn't like the added cost of people sending in their rifles for warranty work everytime they wear out a spring or a pin breaks.
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