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As a new member, I have a few questions for some of you ole vets:
1. as an 82 yr old with eyes that are not too good for iron sights, what night mts & sights do you recommend that will not empty the bank.
2. do you recommend any chemicals on the stock;i.e., a sealer,etc?
3. for all around plinking/target shooting up to 100 yes, do yourecommeed switching my current stock rear sight to a NM? On the M1a ii had back in 85 , I had up graded NM sights.Of course,I was in late 40s then with good eyes for iron sights.
4. last, ammo,i have good supply of 150gr fmj Tula. How will that serve for just plain ole target shooting/ Any other suggestions?
Many thanks from a former USNavyCorpsman,
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