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Springfield Armory P9

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I know its a CZ75 clone, and I have an opertunity to pick one up real cheap $300, any thoughts yes/no I have 2 1911`s one in .45 and the other is a 10mm. Condition is used but not abused.
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If you have the $$ and can buy it, but don't, you'll probably be kicking yourself like I am now. In the late '80's I was stationed in Germany and you could pick up an original CZ-75 all day long for $250.00 through the Rod and Gun Club. At that time, the CZ was selling stateside for twice that.

I'd say go for it.
In my limited experience, the SA P9 is the nicest of all the CZ75 ilk. I used to own a P9C (the compact version), and it had a beautiful blue finish, the roll markings were perfect, and it shot well. In addition, the safety could be applied with the hammer down.

I currently own a CZ75 "Pre-B" from the late '80s, but I really miss the P9.

1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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