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Springfield Armory M1A/Leopold M4

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I would like some suggestions regarding the mounting of a Leopold M4 scope on a new Springfield M1A. I was planning to use the ARMS #18 mount. I would like to know some information on what detachable rings to use. Anybody know if the match sights can be used with that mount?(and scope removed) I can't seem to access the Leopold site today- don't know what that's about. Does Leopold have anything to offer in detachable rings? Does anyone know what(if any) ARMS rings can be used with the #18 mount that would be detachable?
I'm pretty new at M1A shooting and would like to scope this rifle right the first time with the right base and detachable rings.
Thanks for your answers and ideas, I appreciate the information.
"Best Shooting"
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Leupold “QRW”, Low rings (.730) part number 49853


I just bought the Leupold “QRW”, Low rings (.730) in Matte black, part number 49853. These are quick release and cost about $80 at a local gun shop. I’m putting them on later tonight to get a Leupold M8 2.5x fixed on my SOCOM. Let us know what you do.

Try the A.R.M.S. 22M rings from Frank S.. He's got the best prices in town. :mrgreen:

I have the #18 using the mid height QRW's on an M8 4x33.

No problems once I got it installed right (#18 ) - RTFM as they say :oops:
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