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Springfield Armory custom work, anybody use them?

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I'm still trying to decide who will do the glass bedding of my new M1A loaded. I'm buying a Bell & Carlson M1A match stock and going to have it bedded to my rifle. I just got off the phone with Springfield and they will bed my M1A and install my stock and my hardware for a shipped price of $175.00. I'm getting my M1A stock from Lock Stock and Barrel for $143.00 and shipping is $10.00.

$175.00 shipped shounds good to me, has anyone used their Custom services and were you happy with the results? Do they use glass bedding or steel bedding? Turn around is 4-6 weeks. Please PM me or let me know at [email protected]. pics would be great. I'm trying to find prices to compare, I'm not going with a low bidder, just trying to compare prices, materials and quality of service.

thanks all. Billy
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