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After careful consideration, I have decided to part with my last M1A. This is a low serial number (085,) Springfield Armory "Bush" model. It has an 18" barrel and does not come with the forward scope mount like the current "Scout" models do. This is how the "Bush" rifles were delivered back in its day. This rifle has a very low round count with 40 rounds (2 boxes of FGMM) down the tube which is evident in the rifle's condition seen in the pictures below. I have added a few upgrades to the rifle as I had made it the safe queen of my M1A collection (used to have 5 of 'em!). Parts are listed below:

USGI Parts----------------------

Bolt: USGI Winchester 66118 (with full USGI bolt guts)
Op rod: USGI Winchester 66118
Trigger housing: USGI Winchester 66118
Hammer: USGI SA C5546008
Safety: USGI H&R
Trigger Guard: USGI KMT
Windage and elevation knobs: USGI WCE and HRA respectively
USGI vented fiberglass hand guard

Other Parts----------------------

SEI gas lock
SEI NM op rod guide
SEI gas plug
Sadlak titanium nitride coated piston
Chrome silicon op rod and hammer springs
SEI trigger pack pin set
NM .062 front sight

Gas cylinder was sent to SEI for their M80HT heat treating, unitized to front band (perfect, near invisible tig weld by their welder, Mike Harlow) and finished in their Melonite coating.

As you can see, I have spared no expense in building this rifle to how it sits now. The only "defect" worth mentioning is that there is some finish wear on the trigger housing. It's not terrible, and it's hard to capture in pictures, but it is worth mentioning. Outside of that this rifle is an absolute beauty. The op rod tab is as good as new and the finish on all parts indicates a like new rifle with a low round count. Feel free to PM me with any questions you may have. Also, check my feedback on the forum and you'll see I'm a straight shooter.

My asking price is $2,500. I'll throw a 10 round magazine in with the rifle for the buyer which is not shown in the pictures below. I am located in Chesapeake, VA and invite anyone interested to see this rifle in person. I would obviously prefer a local sale, but I am not opposed to shipping as long as the buyer pays the shipping costs.

Lots of PICS:

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