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Spotting scopes

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This weekend I finally decided on the Redfield Rampage with the 80 objective lens after comparing it to the selections available at the Sportsman's Guide where I work. I compared it to the Leatherwood Hi-lux and Vortex Viper and the Redfield beat them hands down for a spotting scope for under $500 in my opinion. The Hi-Lux seemed impressive with its HD lenses but just wasn't as defined and bright as the Redfield and was very cheaply made including the tripod. The Vortex is nicely made but at $500 which didn't include a tripod still wasn't as sharp as the Redfield when turning up the magnification.
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I have a Redfield Rampage I might sell. I only used it a few times and it's almost new. But I ran across a used Kowa 887 for a price I couldn't pass up so I really don't need the redfield. PM if interested.
PM sent...
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