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WTS FTF in Tampa Bay, FL: over 1000rds of various .45 ACP/Auto ammo

I have many boxes of .45 ACP/Auto I have accumulated, but I sold my 1911 and no longer need them. Some are FMJ, some are JHP. Winchester White Box, Remington UMC, DoubleTap Ammo (that's the black boxes with the white printed label), etc.

All boxes are full except one of the yellow UMC which is half full. All are 230gr except for the small box of 185gr HydraShocks. Total is approximately 1090 rounds.

See image below for manufacturers. The ziploc bag is DoubleTap 230gr JHPs, I think.

$250 FTF in Tampa Bay, FL area only. Cash only. No trades. Contact me at blakablakablaka AT yahoo.com.

ETA: aaaaaaaand... it's gone. SPF.
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