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TRW bolt in mint condition: I purchased this bolt as "new from the wrap" and don't have any reason to believe it is not. I don't want to represent it as such, as I didn't receive it in/remove it from the wrapper, but it looks just like other TRW bolts that I have taken from their wrappers. Fully loaded with complete bolt gut set.

TRW trigger group: This trigger group comes with TRW marked housing/hammer and safety. It's in excellent condition. There a few nicks on the spline, but in the pics they look worse than they actually are.

TRW Op Rod: Could use a refinish. Tab measures .331 x .092 x .065.

I prefer to sell as a set, and not individually. Asking $875.00 shipped. Payment by U.S.P.S. Money Order or PayPal if the buyer pays the fees.

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