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Wow, I admire your enthusiasm, but that's kind of going a bit overboard, IMHO.

All you should really need to keep readily on hand would be the small "consumable" type items:

Spring kit
Pin kit (trigger pins, hammer pins, etc...)
Bolt rebuild kit
Common M14 tools (not necesarily on you but easily available)
Reliable mags

I'd keep multiples of the pins, springs, extractors, etc..., but don't really see the need for spares for every part on the rifle. Maybe if you're expecting to have to rely on your rifle for your life for years & years at a time you'd need all of that, but I don't see that happening. If the SHTF that badly you'll most likely be dead long before a bolt or op rod bites the dust.

JMO, not a flame or anything. Please don't take offense.
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