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Spare Parts

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Here are the spare/SHTF parts/tools I have so far, what am I missing?

1 connector assembly
1 connector lock
2 connector pins
1 flash supp nut screw
1 flash supp nut
2 bolt gut kits
1 gas cylinder
1 gas piston
1 operating rod guide pin
1 complete pin kit
1 complete spring kit
3 op rod springs
1 USGI op rod WIN
1 op rod guide
1 op rod spring guide GI
1 bolt stop
2 spindle valves
1 spindle valve pin
1 spindle valve spring
1 bolt stop pin
1 bolt stop spring
1 bolt roller
1 front band
1 trigger group (SAINC spare)
1 synthetic stock
1 handguard (FA plastic)
1 handguard clip
1 trigger
1 hammer
1 sear
1 front sight
2 front sight screws
1 Smith Enterprise Mount
1 Bushnell 10x40 scope w/rings (I prefer iron sights)
1 extractor
2 extractor plunger w/springs
1 ejector w/spring
1 TRW GI bolt (not properly headspaced yet)
1 gas plug GI
2 gas wrenches (1 GI and 1 SA)
1 flash supp pliers
1 set gas cleanout drivers/bits
8 USGI M14 mags
1 10 rd mag
1 5 rd mag
1 unknown 20 rd (maybe Tiawanese mag)
1 handguard clip pliers
1 set Forster headspace gauges in .308
1 gas cylinder lock GI

The only two things I haven't gotten yet are a spare flash supp and a spare complete rear sight (which I plan on getting from Coles).

Anything major I am missing here besides as much ammo as I can get my hands on?
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I'd buy a receiver and build a spare rifle

RED DOT :lol:

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Wow, I admire your enthusiasm, but that's kind of going a bit overboard, IMHO.

All you should really need to keep readily on hand would be the small "consumable" type items:

Spring kit
Pin kit (trigger pins, hammer pins, etc...)
Bolt rebuild kit
Common M14 tools (not necesarily on you but easily available)
Reliable mags

I'd keep multiples of the pins, springs, extractors, etc..., but don't really see the need for spares for every part on the rifle. Maybe if you're expecting to have to rely on your rifle for your life for years & years at a time you'd need all of that, but I don't see that happening. If the SHTF that badly you'll most likely be dead long before a bolt or op rod bites the dust.

JMO, not a flame or anything. Please don't take offense.

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I would get a barrel, and another reciever and build a spare rifle. When I first got into M14's I went the same route you did, quickly accumulating a ton of parts, now I do not have as many parts but I have 3 m14 clones. way I sees it if the SHTF I won't have time to fix a major flaw but, I can pick up on of my others and head out again :D
In defence I am still searching for parts, that is part of the thrill with these fine rifles, so I will probably end up with a forth soon 8O

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I agree, It's a bit overboard

You are very close to having a complete spare rifle. I would just concentrete on parts that recieve alot of stress. You don't need spares for the major components. I would maybe consider all of the springs and a couple of good extractors and possibly a bolt roller and op rod guide pin.
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