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soviet 1PN51 night vision scope

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Does anyone out there know where I can get spare batteries for this unit? I use it on my Romanian AK to trim the coyote population, but the batts seem to be kinda rare. Need some spares. Any info?
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A couple of suggestions. Try going to a battery site and cross referance or go to one of the russian sites that sells russian scopes and ask them. I do beleive I have the same scope you are talking about.

Top scope

I havnt used it in years because I have a 3rd generation U.S. make that I like better. But any way the scope came with a Tiger SVD and I asked the same question about the batteries if they died since the batteries looked different. I wish I could remember the answer, but it was, there is a battery, that will work, just cant rememer what one :( Sorry.
Yep, that's the scope. At one time I had two of them, but traded one off. I use the one I still have on my Romanian AK for coyote control. I was told that this particular scope has some collector value. Do you know if this is true? I thought these scopes were a dime a dozen,but I have yet to find one on the web. (Course, my web surfing skills aren't all they should be). Thanks for the response. If you remember what the compatible battery type is sometime, I'd appreciate any info. If I run across the correct batteries in the future, would you like to be notified? Do you have a charger?All the best.
was told that this particular scope has some collector value.
I cant say for sure but I would imagin it would have some collectability. They are rare and hard to come by now. As for the batteries, when I have some time I will pull mine off the wall and see what I can do for you. I am sure my battery is dead by now. Battery.com has thousands of batteries and hopfully can cross reference. My other option is next time I talk to mark Krebs I will ask him. He is very knowledgable about the combloc weapons and accsessories.
1pn51 required


I am on the lookout to buy a 1pn51, if anyone is selling one of these sights please let me know the asking price, i am currently after a 1pn58 but ill take a 1pn51 if it comes up first.


Thanks Freedom Man. That is indeed a very helpfull siteMCORPS1
No Prob

I'm a ComBloc "sniper" rifle fan. I have a PSL with all the trimmings. I would love to have an SVD or an NDM, but I probably won't be able to afford one until after I get out of School (another couple years). BTW, that is a very nice collection you have. I see the top two Tigrs, but is the third one an SVD or NDM? Why no scope or cheek rest?
third one an SVD or NDM? Why no scope or cheek rest?
Third on down is Chineez. Realy no reason for no scope but that is the way it came and never really got around to putting one on. No need for a pad if there is no scopeGI6 The rifle is more a collectors piece than a shooter. I am adding a custom Dragunov to the collection. Built by Krebs with a heavy barrel(not sure of make) and a Smith Vortex brake. I dont have it in my hands of yet but this is the picture Krebs sent me. As soon as I get I will post better pictures. I have a feeling this baby will be a shooter.
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Try these guys for odd batteries:

Custom Dragunov

That is certainly a interesting rifle. Will it be in 7.62 X51 NATO or 7.62 X54 Rimmed?
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