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Sources for Desiccant Silica Gel?

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for ammo cans?

Do you guys put it in your USGI ammo cans?
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I've commented on this before but...

I discard desiccant packs when I see them and threw away all plugin dehumidifiers years ago. I live on the Gulf coast in central Florida and it doesn't get much more humid than here. All my 30 and 50 cal ammo cans are stored in a non-climate controlled garage along with half my gun collection stored in safes.

Been using these for a number of years for the safe with zero rust or corrosion issues. Replace annually; just write the date of install when they go in and replace when needed. I use two even though, based on the square footage of my safe interior, manufacturer says one should be sufficient.

Ammo cans get one of these stuck to the inside of the lid each year. Again, zero issues with rust or corrosion.

VCI technology has been around for years, and IIRC, is used today in shipping containers during oceanic crossings. Some manufacturers sell VCI bags sized for rifle and pistol storage. Can even buy VCI impregnated "paper" for wrapping odd-shaped items.
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