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Sources for Desiccant Silica Gel?

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for ammo cans?

Do you guys put it in your USGI ammo cans?
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Uline sells a 5gal pail of them.... ( split it up amongst friends. ) They can be "reactivated" ( dried back out )

I am a little OCD about using them, and tend to replace them after a month with a fresh one for long term storage.
Reason being , the first one will absorb the majority of the moisture in the can, and the next one won't be "moist" like the first one.

Seems to work well.

Tyvek Bag Clay Desiccants in Stock - ULINE
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Had a thought yesterday as I was looking for something in my classic Snap On toolbox . . . and noticed some impact sockets getting rust on them.

Would desiccant work in toolboxes? They are not sealed tight of course, so I was wondering.
Try some VCI plastic or paper, used as drawer liners.

I will buy the bags for rifles or handguns , cut them to fit. That stuff works.... even in VERY humid conditions.

Poly Gun Bags - anti rust bags, Ammunition, bullets and brass

Or... VCI Products in Stock - Uline
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