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Some M14 and tomahawk art

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If you go to the American Tomahawk page you will find it:

"I am the Kit Fox
I live in uncertainty
If there is anything difficult
If there is anything dangerous to do
That is mine"

This ancient song has faded into many battlefields, from the Great Plains of America to the jungles of Vietnam. It is the song of a proud warrior society, the society of the Kit Fox. The Soldier in this painting is part of this long and honorable tradition.

The Lakota, or Sioux, nation was the largest of the Plains Nations, numbering more than 25,000 in 1780. The Kit Fox Society was the most prominent of their warrior traditions. Kit Fox warriors were expected to display the courage and cleverness of their namesake in times of war and of peace. In battle, their honor and daring were legendary. In peace, they gave unstintingly of themselves for the good of their tribe. Chivalry, generosity and strict morality were the expected conduct of a Kit Fox.

This Lakota warrior is still true to his Kit Fox traditions. His bone pipe necklace hearkens back to the bone chokers and breastplates worn by his ancestors. On this Long Range Reconnaissance Patrol, he will carry the honor of his warrior society into the territory of a new enemy.

Native Americans had the highest enlistment rate of any ethnic group during all of American wars in the twentieth century, including Vietnam. They brought with them the honor and traditions of their forebears. They would count coup on their enemies, reaching out from hiding to touch them as they walked by, demonstrating their courage. In Vietnam, the horse raid became an elephant raid, even more daring and dangerous.

Michael O’Loughlin studies his subjects carefully before setting brush to canvas. Every detail, from the Vietnam Tomahawk to the camouflaged M-14 rifle is correct for the time. I applaud Mr. O’Loughlin for his effort to honor the Native-American Soldier fighting for the United States.

In 1966, Peter LaGana, a WWII Combat Marine Veteran of Mohawk descent, designed and manufactured the Vietnam Tomahawk under his brand, American Tomahawk Company, for the express purpose of arming the Soldier fighting in the jungles of Vietnam with an indomitable close quarter weapon and combat tool. Today, American Tomahawk Company proudly offers these lithographs in honor of Mr. LaGana and Mr. O'Loughlin. This offering has been made possible by Mr. Patrick O’Conner from HipArt.com.

I hope you enjoy the experience of owning such a profound work of military art. This work embodies everything that Peter LaGana stood for, fought for, worked for, and lived for…

Andy Prisco,

(Text by Kyle P. Long and Andy Prisco)

"Lakota Warrior"
Kit Fox Society - L.R.R.P. - Vietnam

Edition: Limited, Signed by Artist
Dimensions: 19” by 27.5”
Paper: White Bordered Premium Stock

Price: $95.00


(I have a Ranger 'hawk, love it, ATC is a great company)
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