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Some advice for an M1A newbie please.

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Finally getting ready to take the plunge and buy or have built an M1A. My first thought was to buy a springfield standard model but then I see an add in shotgun news by an outfit called LRB out of Long Island that makes Forged recievers. I really like the idea of a forged reciever. Anybody out hter have any feedback on this company? Would it be worth the extra trouble and $$ to have a rifle built around one of these forged recievers?

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DuckBucks's advice is excellent.(so are the other responses). The statement that they don't like to be alone is very true. You will need more of them as time goes by. Also, buy more ammo than you think you could ever need. M1As are hungry and good surplus7.62x51 is cheap now. Enjoy the rifle and the good company here and on Battlerifles forum.
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