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Some advice for an M1A newbie please.

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Finally getting ready to take the plunge and buy or have built an M1A. My first thought was to buy a springfield standard model but then I see an add in shotgun news by an outfit called LRB out of Long Island that makes Forged recievers. I really like the idea of a forged reciever. Anybody out hter have any feedback on this company? Would it be worth the extra trouble and $$ to have a rifle built around one of these forged recievers?

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Pretty is as pretty does (thanks Gumps Momma :D ). I have an Armscorp preban & a PolyTech preban. Both are fine recievers. I would not hessitate to own others, but this is what I have and function & accuracy is great. You will run across the one you can't pass up, followed by more.
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