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I have the following for sale:
Late 1943/early 44 production mismatched 1911A1 Remington Rand with a Ithaca slide. The pistol is clean and appears to be an arsenal rework but not marked. The finish on the frame and slide are very, very close in color (dark parkerizing). No rust, pitting or other problems. All mearkings are sharp and very clear. Price: $1,030.00 shipped to your FFL.
I also have a true Pre-Ban Bushmaster CAR15. It has the A1 upper, 11.5' barrel with long FH factory installed. Shot little but shows a few marks here and there from use (it 20+ years old now). Very nice. It will ship with a black nylon zippered case that hold 4 mags. Price: $1000.00 shipped to your FFL.
PLEASE KNOW your STATE LAWS. Neither you nor I need any problems.
Please EMAIL me for a phone number.
Waxahachie, TexasGI6
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