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This scope is almost as new can get. It has been mounted once, but never fired. I might have some finger prints on it, but no discernable ring marks or scratches that I can find.

It is a nice scope, no doubt, but it's not meshing with my idiosyncrasies, and it's enough money that I don't see the point sitting on it. It's a nice chunk of glass, built like a tank, turrets feel good, I like the reticle layout, First Focal Plane, Eye relief is generous and consistent with zoom, eyebox is good, fast focus eyepiece lock is a nice feature, the warranty is forever, to whomever, and you can actually get customer service on the phone.

You can try out a new one for $1500, if you don't mind waiting until they're back in stock, or I'll take $950 shipped CONUS PP F&F (with no gun-related notes, thank you, don't ruin it for everybody else) :p.

I'm including the Butler Creek lens caps ,and the box still has what I assume must be stop shims or something, as well as a hex wrench, I would guess for zeroing the turrets, but I just didn't get that far.

First "I'll Take It!" wins.




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Wish I could swing that but I just spent an ungodly amount of money last month. GLWS!

Oh, interested in any trades? 馃
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