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In honor of the "Horrified at the prices" thread, I figured I'd post this. GI1 Prices on these have gone nuts, when you can find one. I was horrified at the prices on the last two I saw that sold, and while I need to make some money, Im gonna list this at $100 less than those. Enough with the jokes though... I do need to sell this.

Nice kit, very little if any wear other than what it got tumbling around after being torched in half. Original barrel still in the trunnion. I ground the rivets off and removed the receiver pieces. Only thing ugly on it, other than the original wood, is some rust on the trigger guard/mag release and on the rear trunnion/stock tang. Everything else is pretty and the numbers match between bolt, carrier and barrel trunnion. Small spot of surface rust inside rear of the top cover, which is number matching as well.

What you see in the pictures is what you get, with two exceptions. The top cover IS included, and that spring in the lower right of the picture (that would retain the axis pins) is NOT included. Little departed the work bench and is lost god knows where.

Asking $450 SHIPPED. USPS Money Order for payment or I'm happy to do a face to face sale if you're in WA. First "I'll Take It!" gets it, and it is cross-posted on the Weaponsguild.

There are some things I would be interested in trading for, or doing a partial trade for if you're so inclined. Listed below. Please PM with offers

For me:
Manual Case trimmer kit (or at least with the collet/pilot to reload .308)
168g .30 cal Sierra Match Kings

For the wifes new carbine:
AR "F marked" front sight post, undrilled
AR Handguard retainer
Mid-length gas tube
Mid-length handguards
A2 or some fancy pants flash suppressor
Danial Defense A1.5 Rear Sight

Thanks for looking!
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