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Scope is good to go in all ways. I need to move this to buy some other stuff, yep auction stuff! I don't feel like messin around so I have it priced very low. Congrats to the first to see this and commit to buy.

Please reply here that you'll take it and pm me. I take discreet paypal and money orders.

What you see is what you get:

FC-2 reticule
Battery still good
No zero stop
Glass still excellent
NXS caps
Butler creek caps
Scope only mounted while I had it, on my M1A. Bought from a dealer that had it mounted on a trade-in AR15, might have a nick here or there, but as the picture shows it's in excellent condition.

$765 shipped NOW SOLD (if you're real interested in just buying the whole rig with the SEI mount and rings lemme know, add another $300 to the price, they cost me $415). The setup configured awesome. I actually plan on getting the setup again next year, but need some funds now to get some things I can't later on.

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