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Hi All,

Hi All,

I am selling a beautiful Colt New Agent that has fired approx. 300 flawless rounds. The gun has bee Melonited by Coal Creek Armory (very expensive and worth it) so that it can stand up to every day carry if desired. This pistol is scary accurate for such a small and concealable .45 acp. This gun has been utterly reliable since day 1 and the only midifications other than the Melonite treatment http://www.finishing.com/324/69.shtml, is an Ed Brown extractor that was installed by Coal Creek also.

SOLD !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I am including:

1.) custom thin burl grips (pictured)
2.) Custom sage colored/fde VCD grips
3.) 2nd factory magazine
3.) original box, booklet etc.
4.) AJ Concealko Leather Holster
5.) Mernickle Leather Slide Holster
6.) Raven Concealment Holster in Kydex
7.) Bulldog pistol range bag

**Golden Doodle not included in sale . . .well maybe :)

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