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Socom part number Question

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Just got my Socom.... Trigger is HR,, Hammer is stamped (side that strikes the firing pin) with 5546008 SA {Part number - I believe) and the Op Rod is stamped

7267064-2 (7267064 is part number from what I can find)

OK - Number stamping guys - are these SA Inc parts or USGI SA parts???
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I am going on a limb with the hammer as being Springfield Inc.
The op rod is Springfield Inc.
Hope this helps, and BTW do you want out of that Socom :D
I love the Socom and I have USGI Winchester and HR parts, Just want to be super sure the Hammer and Op rod are NOT USGI, before I swap.... Great gun,,, In fact, I am working on a LRB project with Smith Ent barrel...
I mistakenly put the SA after the number.. it reads

SA 5546008

According to a parts supplier this is a USGI SA hammer... He is unsure about the Op Rod...
To the best of my knowledge, if it has a dash then a number it is commercial.
If I am wrong one of the other guys will be along shortly.
Hope you have a greay day

PS wouldn't change it till it needed it
No dash
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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