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So... Who makes the best production knives? Fixed Blade

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Meaning you can buy/order one and have it in your hands in under 2 weeks

Just looking for some debate
Cold Steel sez I
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I've had knives from all of the manufacturer choices up there but all of them aren't as good as my Benchmades. The 154cm steel that Benchmade uses is some of the best stainless steel I've seen, holding an edge better and taking to one faster and sharper and just as good as the best quality carbon steels but with top corrosion resistance. The detail to the blades and handles are just better in my opinion, but we are talking about production knives and not custom handmade knives. Randall knives are some of the best there are period from what I've seen and I wish I had spent the extra on one instead of the Cold Steel Military Classic I bought, but there's alway room for more knives. Out of those choices, I would have to say SOG is probably the winner for me as they do make some high quality blades, but all those companies do.
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