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I did not really know what to expect when I got my M1A. Having had a moderate amount of experience with 308 AR's, I Didn't know how much I would compare the two. Turns out I don't. I like them both, but for different reasons.
My M1A is the "loaded model with the Stainless Steel barrel and walnut stock. As you can see below, it's a handsome beast. I started out with the iron sights, and like them a lot. In fact so much that I decided to get a scope mount that gives me room to use them when I want to. After reading a lot of the reviews, I got Mr. Bassett's original picatiny style mount. and have been very happy with it. I started with a red dot temporairily, but a friend had a modest price 1x6 first focal plane scope for sale, so I got it for a really good deal on a six month old scope. He just didn't like the first focal plane concept. It's called a Firefield and is one of many similar imported from you know where. For me, until I am confident that that is the way I want to go, it works. After hitting the range, I think it might be on there for a while, if it holds up. Below were the 10 rounds I fired to march it into the target on the 100 yard range after dialing onto the paper with a few rounds at the 25 yard range. The two to the right were the first shots while I brought it over and down. After the third I left it alone. I am pretty sure that this rifle is capable of more accuracy than I am, which matches up nicely with my two AR10's as they are also. As far as accuracy, I would say that my AR10 rifle, my AR10T carbine, and my M1A are all very close in accuracy. I shoot the same load in the AR10 rifle and M1A, 168 gr SMK's BTHP, 39.6 gr RL15, Winchester primers, M80 brass, and 175gr SMK's BTHP 39.6grRL15 M118LR brass in my AR10T. With those loads accuracy differences between the three are negligible.
I like the AR10 rifle for distance shooting, partly because I have it set up with a 4x16 Nikon Scope with incredible clarity. I like the AR10T Carbine's handiness and adaptility. I am using a Burris Fullfield 3X10 on that and it does a great job at all ranges. With the 1x6, I have the M1A set up for woods hunting and the fast target acquisition needed. I have never shot further than 100 yards hunting up here. But Lord, can you get on target quick with that 1x6 scope! Yet at 100 yards it is as accurate as the other two. I will probably plop the Nikon on it just to try some distance work with that 22 inch barrel, someday. But for now I am really happy with the way it performs. As all three rifles were made in Genseo Illinois, I would say they have some fine gunsmiths and quality control people down there!
I truly can't name a favorite at this time, but dang, my visits to the range are fun! Nice to be part of the Forum.
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