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Sneak Peek?!?

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Aloha Everyone...

I thought I would post this thread as a "sneak peek" at what's been keeping be busy the last couple of weeks... :lol:

This project uses a McMillan M3A stock (special Thanks to "Gibby" Gibson at Elite Guns). The hardware is a SA receiver, SA SS NM med contour barrel, NM sights, Unitized Gas System, Polished piston, NM Op Rod Spring Guide, NM Muzzle Brake and a NM conditioned trigger group sitting on a Harris bipod.

The "glass" is temporary... I have a Leupold Mark 4, 10X M3 scope for this rifle, but the correct rings have not arrived yet... so I have pictured my SA 6-20x56mm scope on there.

The stock has been bedded using "Steel Bed" and has been completely repainted (although the original color was green). I wanted the handguard and the stock to match in color. I am currenly deciding on what kind of "camo" scheme to go with.

Something that I think is unusual, is that this stock had a selector cutout (maybe destined for overseas action?) and made a perfect opportunity to use one of my "Hawk's Dummy Selectors" on it.

Overall this rifle is about 80% complete... but I am happy with the way it is looking so far... :lol: But for some darn reason, this project was "double effort" for every phase of its creation.

Thanks for letting me share some of my "New Year's Eve" activities! :lol:

Aloha and Happy Holidays! And, a Happy New Years to Everyone!!!

Tom O.
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Just beautiful, thank you for posting pictures...

XXIV Corps :mrgreen:
DMZ 70-72
And were these pics taken with your new camera?
They're pretty sharp
The rifle is cool too, by the way :D
BC: Yes, the pics were taken with the digital Rebel. It's actually a year old now (I got it last Christmas) and it takes wonderful pics.

I shot these pics this morning, Hawaii is awaiting a big storm coming and I wanted to get these shots in while the clouds allowed light but no shadows...

The wind is picking up but still the rain, thunder and lightning have not arrived... geez, I should have taken more pics. :lol:


Tom O.
That’s a great looking rifle Tom, congratulations.

Great looking pics too.

That McMillan stock with the selector cut out really has me going, that’s just too cool.

Have a great New Year.

OK Tom, so what's your first project for 2005???
:lol: That will do just Fine, You are Excused! :lol: :lol:
Great looking rifle Tom! Did you find the Steel Bed easier or better to work with than the Devcon(sp?). I used Steel Bed on my last project and like it better than any other bedding compound I have used. Let us know how it shoots once your finished and get time to hit the range. Aloha
That is one good looking rifle congats on your hard labor you really did a nice job on the stock.

Yet another perfectly executed rifle project from Tom O.

That may be the first NM MB I have seen...

Very nice indeed. Thank you for the pictures and details.
Hiya Everyone...

HH: No plans for 2005 firmed up yet, but lots of thoughts running around in the head... haven't forgotten about the "Bush" rifle... I may have to get one of those shorties yet... :lol:

Jack: The Steel Bed is very similar in consistency to the Devcon Steel putty... and both are solid products. The Steel Bed, does not take color very well and after clean up, it sometimes shows up looking like raw steel... 8O I will occasionally mill the surface of the Steel Bed and skim bed with Acra-Glas gel to get a nice even color on the bedded surface.

Oh boy, I am eager to take it to the range to see what she can do!

On a side note... the McMillan M3A stock is an EXCELLENT product and very well made. The material that McMillan uses to make their stocks is exceptionally solid. McMillan also mills in a "receiver bridge" to support the forward end of the receiver which makes "bedding" on this stock a "snap"! The rigidity of the stock allows a solid "pressure draw" at the front ferrule.

This has truly been a "fun" project for me... and a nice way to end the year!


Tom O.
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Bad mama jama. Very nice!
Hey Tom, isn't it close to season to use pineapples as targets????
As always, Dighawaii - Fantastic!!!

Looking forward to your first range report, SIR!!!

:oops: Jealous.. :oops: ...nice toys.....I want....gimme....

Sweet rig!

Damn, thats just great!!! I wish I had the skills like that.

Happy NY's Tom.
Dammit! I hate when drool shorts out the keyboard! :lol:

I luuuuuuuuuuuuuv Leupolds. That'll be a sight to be seen once you put that fine glass on top...

Looking real nice Tom....I bet its going to shoot as good as it looks. Have you fired that weapon yet in its current configuration?Let us know how it did!!! Ray
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