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Smith Ltd.

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Anyone have any experiences or opinions with the Smith Ltd. m-14? Thanks in advance! Hawk
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From this post...
"H & R Gun Co. and Smith, Ltd.

Mr. Maunz sold his M14 rifle business to Smith Manufacturing in Toledo, OH about 1984. The semi-automatic M14 receiver master die was loaned to them as part of the sale. Smith Manufacturing produced complete Semi-Auto (M14 type) rifles built on investment cast H&R Gun Co. stamped receivers. The H&R Gun Co. Semi-Auto 7.62MM-M14 receivers were marked TOLEDO, OHIO though Smith Manufacturing was physically located in Holland, OH about fourteen miles to the west. H&R Gun Co. Semi-Auto 7.62MM-M14 rifles were assembled with Harrington & Richardson M14 parts kits imported in 1985 by Jack Friese (see Armscorp of America, Inc. and Armscorp USA, Inc.). All H&R Gun Co. models were originally sold as complete rifles by Smith Manufacturing. The highest serial number observed for an H&R Gun Co. Semi-Auto 7.62MM-M14 is 1126. Smith Manufacturing was operated by Carl Hinkelman and two other associates. As an aside, Carl Hinkelman lived in Toledo, OH within blocks of the Schuster family at the time (see Commercial Accessories). Karl Maunz was a consultant to Smith Manufacturing on the H&R Gun Co. project."
Smith Manufacturing also produced Smith, Ltd. investment cast semi-automatic M14 type receivers. Smith, Ltd. receivers were made about 1987. Smith, Ltd. receivers were assembled as complete rifles and sold about 1987 and 1988 at Camp Perry shooting matches by Smith Manufacturing. The receiver quality is good and parts fit if using USGI and/or National Match parts is excellent, based on examination of Smith, Ltd. rifles serial numbered 0210, 0225, 0236 and 0237. A commercial manufacture bolt and commercial manufacture operating rod were found to be too thick to slide smoothly inside Smith, Ltd. serial number 0237.


During the 1980s, there were four businesses or individuals with the name of Smith involved with commercial M14 rifles as manufacturers. Neal Smith of Smith Firearms (Mentor, OH) performed NFA registered select fire conversions of already-manufactured Springfield Armory, Inc. M1A rifles. Richard Smith and Ron Smith of Smith Enterprise, Inc. (then Mesa, AZ) produced semi-automatic and select fire M14 rifles stamped SMITH ENT. Melvin Smith of Valley Ordnance (Wilkes-Barre, PA) machined raw castings into M1A receivers for Springfield Armory, Inc. in Geneseo, IL. Smith Manufacturing (Holland, OH) produced Maunz Match Rifle, H&R Gun Co. and Smith, Ltd. semi-automatic M14 rifles and the first Armscorp of America M14 type receivers. None of these entities ever did any work for the others. Although Armscorp of America, Inc. sold Smith Enterprise, Inc. M-14 receivers and Smith Manufacturing made some Armscorp of America M14 receivers, there was never any connection or relationship between Smith Manufacturing (Holland, OH) and Smith Enterprise, Inc. (then Mesa, AZ). The similarity in names is purely coincidental."
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