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Smith Enterprise M-14 N.M. Finally finished!

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Well, it's finally finished :p ! It's been a long two months, but I finally got it all together. For those of you who didn't see it before, I purchased this rifle (Double Lugged, Bolted and Bedded reciever) and discovered it was rusting from being in Hawaii for two years and not being taken care of :cry: . I sucked it up and sent it off to Ron Smith for him to do a restore; New Barrel and Re-park. Then not being satisfied with the brown finished Ron applied 14 years ago I sent the stock (a McMillan) to McMillan for a re-do.........Dark Camo in their catalog. Well here is the final product 8) . Yes! I know I've spent almost twice what it would have cost me to buy a Super Match :( . But this is after all a Pre-ban Smith M-14 and it's mine :wink: .