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Up for sale is a Nickel S&W 27-2 with a 6" barrel. I purchased this NIB several years ago and have put less than a box of rounds through it. Hammer, trigger and front sight are the target version. Nickel finish is very close to Mint. Comes with a Mahogany display case, an unopened cleaning kit, a cardboard storage box and the original shipping sleeve which the firearm was shipped from S&W factory to the gunstore in. I could possibly meet someone for a face to face sale in New Mexico or West Texas. Estimate of cost is as follows:

- Revolver: $900
- Gunstore transfer fee if not face to face sale: $25
- Revolver shipping cost: ?
- Shipping boxes (probably direct to seller via post office): ?

Would accept a money order for the revolver and a paypal gift to cover shipping costs. PM me if interested.

Pictures follow:

For those not familiar with Smith and Wesson Revolvers, the Model 27 is in 357 Mag.
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