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Smart or dumb?

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Ordered a thousand rounds of the Spanish, Santa Barbara .308 from AIM yesterday. Tried to do a little research on Santa Barbara surplus on the web. Found a little bit of info, seemed to be well liked. Am I stupid for buying so much ammo without testing it in my rifle first? Or am I smart for buying it before it's all gone?
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Santa Barbara

I went shopping around in my local freedom fighter stores for the best .308 prices. I found the Santa Barbar selling for $5.99 for 20 RNDS, and the case(1,000 RNDS) for $300.00. I ask for the best price he could give me and he quoted "$245.00" for the case(1,000 RNDS). I walked.
You gave me the incentive with your post to search the internet for the best prices that I could find.
See my post ".308 Ammo (Best Prices?).
So if you got the case(1,000 RNDS) as listed,
aimsurplus.com Santa Barbara 200RNDS $30.00 (0.1500)
then I think you did pretty good.
Naturally of course, the best price is when someone buys it for you.

As a wise old man once said,
"You can't have too much ammo."

Let us know how it shoots.

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the stuff a few years back was decent stuff i don't remember many complaints. and the 5.56 mm that came in a year or 2 ago had very few complaints. hopefully their QC is consistent. it should be.

figure it this way. the spanish have to make good ammo to keep up with those portugese. thus they can keep the maurauding portugese mobs at bay :wink:
I did the same thing, ordered a case last week.

It arrived today, haven't opened the case yet though, just stacked it on top of the 2 cases of port I have put aside...
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