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Small Gun Show in Reno

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Read where there will be a gunshow at the Boomtown Casino in Reno, NV the weekend of the 15-17 Sept. Do not know the size as I've only seen an ad.

Beware that it is the same weekend as the Reno Air Races so things may be crowded.

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thanks for the heads up, I will check it out.
I went to the "BIG" reno show last month and stocked up on .45 and 12 guage ammo, but 7.62X51 was slim pickens,managed to get 300 rds. (200 linked Belgium and 100 soft point Hirtenberger).
Need to get ammo in person whenever possible because of shipping charges to Kali.
Reno is only a four hour drive for me, a nice cruise up and over the Sierras.
Hey guys, according to the pretty map this belongs in the Pacific forum.

The casino show is the same weekend that B zone opens, so you can count me out! BRSTBOMB

I went to the big show last month too, most of my damage was done at the CMP table. DI2

That was my first time to a gunshow in Reno. Well worth the 3.5 hour drive. The next big show is November 17-19, I'll be heading up for ammo and reloading components.
I work at one of Boomwtown's sister property's. From their website:


Presented by Southwest Tactical


Friday 12pm - 8pm
Saturday 9am - 7pm
Sunday 9am - 4pm

Buy, sell & trade all types of guns, knives,
hunting & fishing equipment.

A transfer dealer will be available to transfer firearms back to your home state.

Tickets: $6 Adults/Children
$10 for a Special Three-Day Pass

All Tickets Will Be Sold At The Door

For vendor information, please contact Greg Rentchler at Southwest Tactical (702-719-4867)

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Only additional info (that matters) I was able to get from the person at Boomtown who is handling it is that the show is 18,000 SF in size. She wasnt able to tell me if they carry TRW op rods, NIW, for less than $150 ;)

EDIT: She had more information:
We have 269 tables and yes they do have part X but it’s more than $X. We have it all from antiques, glocks and class 3. We have the rare and the extra rare along with some well done. The promoter was once with the Los Angeles DA’s office and he sure does know his stuff.
Anyone go? I'm curious. The rep who i talked to wanted to get some feedback if there was to be had.
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