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simmons said my scope tube is bent!

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I purchased a SA MIA that came with their mount and a Simmons scope. I never fired it! Anyway, I finally try to sight it in, and it seems to be shooting all over. So I send it back to Simmons

Simmons said my tube is bent, not covered under their "lifetime warranty", and they want $78.00 to sell me another scope. My question is what could have caused the tube to be bent? and if this is true, the only one that could have done this was SA when they put this scope on the rifle? Could the scope rings tightening have caused this kind of damage? I didn't see any visible damage on the scope when I sent it back to them.

I'd appreciate some ideas, before I call Simmons back. :(
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I think just mounting the scope down could have bent your tube on a $78 scope. I would just start saving for a new setup. You probably wouldn't have been real happy with the old scope if it did hold zero, JMO.
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