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SigP220 SS

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Does anybody know what accesory light goes on the euroupian model rail
Sig P220 SS as oppose to the american model?(a.m. wider rail, e.m. thinner rail). Thanks

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Mr Glock,

I didnt know there was a thinner rail except on the model (220st sport) that was supposed to have comp on it and that was a tapered rail speicifically for the compensator then Sig came out with the 220 st designed for other lighting equipment to be put on the front.

Just the same they are a fine gun!! I have the blue american 220 in 45 and would really like to get one in 38 super!! :D but it is not made any more and isnt on the drop test list here in the PRK

Hi Phil
I'm aware with P220 Sport model. This P220 SS is 4 1/2" bbl as oppose to
5 1/2 on Sport model. I've seen two kinds of rail for it. I'm still doing my
reseach on what accesory goes on the thin rail. (euroupian model) :lol:

1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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