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SIG P220

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First time for owning one of these puppies and I must admit that I am very happy and comfortable with it thus far. Ordered it with those fancy nite sights and they stick out like a sore thumb in the darkness so they must be doin' what they're supposed to ... :wink:

Gotta luv that Big Bore ... 45 ACP ... :)

Have owned a Kimber or two and a few Colts and whatnot and they are all super semiautos and I have had some good luck with all that I have owned. Never had a SIG so I thought I would give it a whirl .. :wink:

So Far ... So Good!

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Great shooting 45 but I tried to relaxed on my grip and it stovepiped once
like any semi-auto pistols you gotta have a firm grip and your gonna be alright. I love mine and it's a keeper. (just don't , I repeat don't Limp Wrist)

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