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Side load tumblers, messy to use?

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Looking at tumblers, most seem to be top feed except for the Tumler and Sidewinder. Are the side feed harder to use?

Seems like the SS media is the way to go and I think that works best in the side feed models.

Also the Tumler looks like you need a wrench to open. And the sidewinder is expensive.
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Me--I use the std plain-jane "top-loading" tumblers. Been using an orange Lyman for 20+ years. Zero issues!

Much easier to use for me with walnut or the cob.

you can get one beaucoup cheap at places like "Harbor Freight Tools" (on line or search for a motar and brick store near you)
Don't laugh but if you're reloading in large quanities this is the ticket... I got the idea after a trip to Sierra Bullet they use big boy cement mixers, with truck bedliner sprayed in the drumGI6

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