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Shot Show info is this true??

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is this true?
Ruger makes Springfields?
Fulton from Savage ?
this is the first time I have heard this

I was at SHOT Show two weeks ago and I had an interesting chat with some Aussies from Austrailian Defence Industries (ADI). These are the folks that made the surplus 308 ammo that shoots so well.

They had an M1A receiver in the display case. When I asked about it, they said they do the final machining for Springfield Armony Inc, based on receiver blanks made by Ruger. (I forgot to ask whether they are cast or forged or MIM by Ruger). Anyway the machining looked very nice, as it should.

This is neat info in comparison to the forged LRB receivers from NY, the Fulton Armony Receivers from Savage, MD., and the Smith Ent receivers from China(?). But then all you guys probably know this alredy...

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Was the M1A in the display casea SA or other?
no its not true, read Different`s online book its around here somewhere
I have not seen, heard or read anything to support that information. Also, it does not square with common sense. Lithgow in Australia does work for SA, Inc. for the M1 GARAND but that's the only Australian connection I'm aware of. Be careful.
Ruger does own Pinetree Castings, which makes parts for alot of gunmakers. It wouldnt surprise me if they made Springfield recievers but ive not heard that specifically.
I found out this past weekend from an impeccable source that Sturm, Ruger & Co.'s subsidiary Pine Tree Castings is casting the M1 GARAND rifle receivers for Springfield Armory, Inc.
I hate to say it but it is not much of leap from a cast
M1 to a cast M14. Ruger certainly has had plenty of
experience with the mini 14 and mini 30. They are
basically scaled down M14's. They hurt like the dickens
if you get your thumb hung up in one.

I have seen a couple of early M1 to M14 conversions that were
pretty interesting. If you are already doing the M1
it would be fairly simple. Hell if Warbird can turn
an M1 into a 308 tanker and make it work anything
is possible.
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