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Short M-14 and FAL pictures...

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Here's a picture of my M14 shortie and my FAL shortie. I like them both, but the FAL is heavier...



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The FAL is a fine rifle by all accounts. But I am just not a fan of anything looking like an AK -

The M-14 rifle is my rifle - There are many like it but this one is mine.

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My 14” para FAL. FH is soldered to reach to 16”.

First is not really an M1A but close; a BM59 Alpine.

Second is a 14” para FAL with silver soldered FH to keep her legal. Also has the short gas system.

Both are sweet at the range.
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Short can be fun. One M14, a couple of FNs and my favorite 1911. My Belgian FALs are fun, but their not short. Whatta Hobby!

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