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I just ran into an issue I wanted to let people know about.

I've had 2 or 3 complaints about my trigger not functioning correctly, and that the discon is sitting crooked so it only hits one of the hammer hooks. I've just figured out the issue - it has to do with differences between USGI and some commercial parts.

In my lightweight hammer, I relocated the spring contact point to gain swing time, and modified the spring guide to drop the spring slightly lower so it would not bump the hammer.

Some commercial production have moved to cast safeties. These are slightly thicker than USGI.

So my hammer with a USGI safety works, but my hammer with a cast safety will bump the bottom of the spring housing against the safety. Since the safety is a sloped surface there, it kicks the hammer spring to the side, and twists how the disconnector engages in the spring housing between the ears.

The first solution I found was to take a belt sander to the cast safety, but I will also look at redesigning my spring guide to see if I can raise the spring back up slightly without sacrificing anything performance wise.

I do not know whose commercial parts were in this trigger group a customer sent me, so I'll have to dig some. I've sent requests to both SAI and Bula to get sample parts, so I can verify, I'll update once I know more. In the meantime, check under the spring housing that parts are not bumping when you do an install.
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