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Shooter's range bag.....

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I received this info from Jeff on Battlerifles. Take a peek!

Here is the shooter's bag with 6 outside magazine pockets. It is made of heavy black heavy weight cotton canvas Heavy Duty brass zippers and 6 vented outside magazine pockets that snap shut. There are 2 side pockets (that close with Velcro) behind the magazine pockets that will hold any full size handgun. These have a hard bottom and briefcase style handles at the top. They also come with an adjustable shoulder strap that is removable. The size is 11" long X 9" tall X 6" wide. The inside main compartment is HUGE and will hold more ammunition than you would want to carry! These are currently advertised in the Shotgun News for $30.00 + $6.95 shipping. I have a special for $15.00 plus only $5.00 freight. We will ship internationally for an additional fee.

Order now and get a couple extra for Christmas presents for your friends. Shipping is only $5.00 for ANY number of bags. Order 5 for $75.00 and the shipping is still only $5.00 for the entire order.

We accept MC, Visa, American Express, Discover, money orders and PayPal (PayPal access is [email protected]). Send in orders via email or mail them in to

JR Marketing PO Box 1525 Laurie, MO 65038. You may call in your credit card number and order to our customer service line: (800) 783-7425.

Happy Holidays!

Jeff from BattleRifles.com

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1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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