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Shooters in the Rockies! Post up!

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By popular demand, welcome to the Rockies Region... for our shooters in the regions of Idaho, Montana, Wyoming, Utah, Arizona, and New Mexico. Post up and say hello if you're from the Rocky Mountain regions!
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By popular demand, welcome to the Rockies Region... for our shooters in the regions of Idaho, Montana, Wyoming, Utah, Arizona, and New Mexico. Post up and say hello if you're from the Rocky Mountain regions!
Thanks Lash! I'm happy to be the first to post in here! Steve in Mountain Home, Idaho here. Mountain Home is in SW Idaho, about 40 mi from Boise. I have family in Montana and Utah, so I get into the other inter-mountain states pretty regularly....

Glad we have a home! Now post up!DI5
Hey Mike! I did some elk hunting south of you last fall. I was just on the Idaho side, near Freedom, Wyo. Nice country...
Conrad, in Fraser, CO (Still the Icebox of the Nation) checking in.
Thanks for the new slot Lash.DI5
I'm in Northern Colorado near the foothills. Glad to finally see a Rocky Mountain region.
Hello from the Wasatch front :)
Hello from Southern Utah

You all keep your bullets dry and your shots true. Here in Enoch Utah.P_GP_G
Temporarily from the Wasatch Front area of Utah, hoping to move to Montana or Idaho in a year or so.
I'm in Aurora, Colorado. Been here for 10 years on and off. I'm originally from the little tropical island of Guam. I miss the 100% humidity, and some ocean water LOL1
I do some shooting up at Pawnee National Grasslands, and a lot of shooting down at Pikes National Forest (South Shoot).
I also do some motorcycle racing with the local race club (MRA Colorado)... I'm no expert... just a guy trying to get his dosage of speed from time to time.
Got my first firearm (HK USP Tactical) in October of 2010 and then I got my first rifle (SOCOM16) in February 2011. I got together and somewhat built and completed my first AR in April or May. In June, I traded my SOCOM16 for a Super Match. I've tamed my addiction buying more firearms by actually learning how to use'em LOL1
I'm currently in the learning process of long range shooting... mil dots, bullet drops, range finding, etc... The farthest I've been shooting is between 400 to 500 yards... I'm limited to how far I walk or climb to post up my targets LOL1
I'm having a lot of fun up here and loving it.
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A lot of you from the Wasatch Front! I grew up in the Provo area, and graduated high school at Timpview HS, in Provo. Unfortunately, Utah has gotten way too crowded so I'll never come back except to visit family...
Howdy from the prairie dog lovers capital .. boulder county .. where liberals are running rampant and decent are a minority.

spent alot of time in SoCal shooting in the BLM areas where anything goes. still trying to figure out the shooting scene in this area.

have a variety of firearms and looking to add a M14 that will get customized.

let me know if anybody around here is open to having me join them for some shooting (handguns, rifles, shotguns)
Native Coloradoan, current New Mexican checking in.
Hey Lads,
I'm New to this forum, Happy to be onboard! I live in Centennial, CO. , Send'n Love to the Rockies!!
Trying to off-load some "Safe-Queens"- Wanna make some dough for a New M14 project.

-I'm gonna hit the Jan. Gun shows locally, but jus wanted to give first dibbs to the Firing Line Boys..
If you're interested contact me on here for details, I'll be available for a Meet-up after X-mas.
-Socom 16-(stock cond. no Mod.s)--Exl. condition---less than 80 rds. fired !
-S&W 629 Classic Deluxe -8-3/8" bbl. w/ Bianchi X-15 shoulder holster ,
Less than 60 rds. fired!---Pre-Lock model.
-S&W 629 Stealth Hunter(Performance Center)7-1/2"bbl.-OD/Blk.
Less than 40 rds. Fired!----also Pre-Lock version.
Make an offer for Any or All!!!, NOT look'n to make Top dollar either, Just fair.
Best Regards,
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new m14 project

Hey Gunz

I recently sold my sw629 as well and saving money for an m14. what are your build-up plans?
I'm interested in doing a MK14 type build(jus like all the other kidz)lol, I contacted SEI a while back and it seems like I'd have to send'em 3/4's of the rifle first on account of their short supplies..While I do respect Ron Smith and his rifles, it seems more realistic to just order a complete or partially complete "Tanker" model from LRB... ?
Also love to own a GI spec 14 similar the one's I had in the NAV, with of coarse a premium grade walnut stock....
what about yourself?
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