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Shilen Mini-14 & Mini-30 Heavy Choke Barrels.

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I bought Shilen Chromoloy Heavy barrels for my Mini-14 and Mini-30, $250 retail. They are contoured to fit without having to mill the oprod. Beneath the stock and handguards they have the same contour as a factory barrel. From the gas fixture forward they have a heavy barrel contour, .821 diameter. They are 1 in 9 twist and 20 inches length.

They both screwed in and headspaced without any extra work, just drilling the gas port hole. The Mini-30 was not quite contoured as well as the Mini-14 barrel and had to have the diameter reduced a little toward the chamber area.

I did not have any special tools for the Ruger Mini receivers and barrels. To do the work I used AR15 aluminum barrel blocks and a Brownell's action wrench with the M1/M14 head. I just wrapped the Mini receivers in several layers of masking tape to help fit the M1/M14 head, worked fine.

To put front sights on the barrel, I am not a good scope shooter, I used target barrel bands from Champion's Choice and installed Anschutz Globe sights with post inserts. On the Mini-30, I replaced the factory rear sight with a US M1 Carbine rear sight. I narrowed the sights dovetail to fit the Mini-30's slot. This will also work on a Mini-14 Ranch type. Definitely easier to use than the Ruger Ranch sight or a standard Mini-14's sight.

Since I used a standard Mini-14, I installed a Williams Fool-Proof target sight. It works ok, but I like the M1 Carbine sight better, should have got a Mini-14 Ranch rifle, live and learn!

I replaced the factory stocks with Hogue overmolded stocks. These stocks fit better and give a tight fit for the receiver. Also worked on the hammer like on an M14, the triggers pull is now about five pounds.

Though I did not bench shoot them, from off-hand they are definitely more accurate than a Ruger factory barrel. I shot some 55 grain FN .223 surplus in the Mini-14 and East German 7.62X39 surplus in the Mini-30 and they are at least as accurate as a Springfield or Armscorp M14 type standard rifle with good military ball ammo.
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24kshooter said:
You will have to check for accuracy some day and let us know how they do with the mods. I seem to be in the 2 3/4 to 3 1/2 or so at 100 for the 223 depending on the ammo and 3 to 4 for the 7.62 both with scopes and have been thinking about going the custom route. I have held back because I do not want to end up with an expensive battle accurate rifle when I have an inexpensive battle accurate rifle now.
I have been busy building/shooting M1As, running Highpower Matches and learning how to shoot Smallbore Prone Competition but eventually I will do it! All good things come to he who waits, ha, ha! Please be patient, I suffer from Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, which is like having the flu most of the time and can only do so much in a day.
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