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Cant remember offhand where or when I was involved in this particualar discussion but the 'ole timers such as the 03 and 03A3 came up under discussion and someone (can't remember who offhand) stated that in the "movie" Sgt York which starred Gary Cooper it showed him using an 03 when in fact the "real" Sgt York used an entirely different weapon such as an Enfield perhaps or whatever it was ....

Can anyone out there verify this and make the truth be known here ... :?:

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the M1917 was based on the Pattern 1914 enfield which was supposed to replace the Lee-Enfield. it was thought before WW1 that the Lee wouldn't be an ideal infantry weapon ( how wrong they where ) and requested a mauser type replacment also chambered in .303 british. the US Army got interested and asked for a .30-06 verson that was adopted in 1917. they're also popular for building customs on my granddad had one rebuilt in .338 and it was a sweet shooter
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