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Cant remember offhand where or when I was involved in this particualar discussion but the 'ole timers such as the 03 and 03A3 came up under discussion and someone (can't remember who offhand) stated that in the "movie" Sgt York which starred Gary Cooper it showed him using an 03 when in fact the "real" Sgt York used an entirely different weapon such as an Enfield perhaps or whatever it was ....

Can anyone out there verify this and make the truth be known here ... :?:

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I always wondered about that movie too. I saw a show on the history channel once and sgt York was one of the topics and according to them it was an M1917 he carried into battle. Not a 03 like the movie.
Oh by the way, For those of you that refer to the M1917 30 cal bolt rifle as a p17 PLEASE don't call it a P17 over at jouster. They will flame you up one side and down the other. It never was a p17. It is just a generic label that it got stuck with somewhere in history because of it's similarity to the pattern 14 rifle. Officialy though it is a M1917 and not a P17. Just trying to save someone a flaming. I hope I don't come off like I am doing it. It's not my intention at all. I got it good once over there at jouster selling some parts once for a P17. Some of them guys just have no life away from the computer.
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