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Sgt Reckless repost

Yes this story is true! She´s buried at Camp Pendleton and there is a plack in her honor at Stepp Stables where she lived out her retirement

Sgt. Reckless was an exceptional horse going against all her natural instincts and fears. She saved hundreds of lives and future generations by doing what she did so well. The story of Sgt. Reckless touched my co-writer and I so much (being horse people) that we wrote a song about her. A major artist is currently looking at the song and hopefully will be releasing it soon. A music video/slide show is coming to YouTube soon as well. What impressed us was the fact that she did all this at Outpost Vegas, with 500 rounds an hour coming at them... without anyone leading her.

God Bless You! Sgt. Reckless and all you represent!!
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