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Senate Passes Bill to Give Millions More Veterans Free Lifetime Entry to National Parks

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Why don't they just give all of us veterans with honorable service free access to the National Parks and other small perks like that?

The current system that basically encourages folks to find any and every excuse to get rated with a "disability" status as they are exiting the military, clogs up the system for those who really did suffer service related injuries. I know several fellow vets that are technically disabled, but not enough to get any money every month for the disability nor has it ever impeded their lifestyle one little bit. Perhaps I suffered hearling loss as a result of my service, but then again, it could have been that Iron Maiden concert I attended while I was serving. The system definitely needs a major overhaul so that folks that really need the help get it more rapidly, and those that don't can still enjoy a few minor perks as a result of serving their country with honor.
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