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I posted this on another forum and already received some good feedback, but thought I'd post here to see what you all thought. I've already contact Springfield about warranty repairs.

Recently, after being on order for a LONG time, I received a brand-new Springfield MIA National Match model. This is my first M1A. Thinking is I may use it someday in 3-gun heavy metal or dable in high-power. I've only put about 100 rounds through the gun. All prone/slung.

The trigger is REALLY bothering me.

Perhaps you can advise me if I should

a) suck it up and learn to shoot it.
B ) send it back to Springfield
c) do some minor tweaks myself.

The second stage is damn near impossible to find. dryfiring as if on a 3-gun course, I almost never feel it. Slow-fire I have to hunt for it. Probably 10% of the time the gun goes off and I never feel the second stage. It's easiest to "find" with my finger out on the tip of the trigger. On a trigger gauge I hit ~3.5lb on the first stage about half-way through the pull, then the weight really drops off, to only a couple pounds (like a bell curve), then the second stage breaks at under 4lb. It's really hard to get a weight on the second stage because using the gauge I often pull right through the second stage. It seems the first stage is too heavy and the geometry is not right.

If I pull through the 1st stage, then stop at the second, then release the trigger, it's like it's catching and doesn't want to return smoothly... feels like it's already starting to drop off the hammer hook; like maybe it needs to hit the sear earlier. with the hammer down, the trigger moves smoothly.

While shooting (again, only approx 100 rounds through it), I've twice had the hammer follow, and about 10 doubles, and a tripple. And about 10 times the gun surprised me because I never found the second stage. I know I need to pull through w/ this trigger more than other guns to keep from doubling, but to keep from doubling I'm mashing it, which is killing my groups. I've put 500-700 rounds in a single weekend slow fire through one of my ARs w/ a RRA 2-stage and never had a single double (maybe it's design gives it a better disconnect?).

I'm having a LOT of trouble shooting this gun, because my mind is 100% on making the trigger work. Best 100 yd group is about 3", 6" typical (Eastern block surplus). I know I can do better. This is really frustrating me.

Does this sound like somethings wrong, or is this just welcome to the world of M1As?

I've heard good things about Springfield's service, I'm tempted to send it in. I feel they should get it right for what they charge for these things.

I do a lot of my own gun plumbing, built a 1911, etc. I'm not afraid to get in there. But I am just a weekend hack. I have the Kuhnhausen manuals. Should I smooth out the first stage and add some engagement and weight on the 2nd?

Thanks SO much. I've been looking forward to having the rifle for a long time. I hate feeling frustrated when I leave the range.


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Sounds like you have a bad trigger, and yes, the way people lighten a trigger is to try and stone it exactly so the trigger sear starts to drop the hammer hook, so the hammer spring helps pull the trigger for you.

This is dangerous if you go too far, so you do not want to suck it up, but get it fixed. Question is how.

Springfield service ought to be a start, though I just bought a new springfield trigger while at Perry (ie new investment cast, not USGI which I think was forged). Looks like the wax was damaged during molding, and the sear edge is probably 10 degrees out from being perpendicular to the trigger. I have yet to call them to replace it, but if that is the quality of new production Springfield parts, the good old days of USGI are truly gone forever.

Failing that, put some sandpaper between the sear and the trigger, rough side facing the trigger. Pull that through a few times to sand a little material off the back of the trigger. THis will allow the discon to rotate slightly further forward, giving you better/safer 2nd stage sear engagement, it will give you a more definite second stage feel, and it will prevent the hammer from hanging up on the edge of the sear if you release the trigger without taking the shot.

That said, if it is still under warranty, Springfield ought to be doing this, not you.

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I agree that sending it back to SAI should be your first option. That trigger sure sounds funky to me. And an M1 or M1A trigger should have a minimum of 4 1/2 lbs of pull for safety (that's also the minimum for competition). Mine have a couple pounds for the first stage, then a slight, but noticable increase to about 5 lbs before the second stage let-off. Good luck.

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Several years ago I bought a pre-owned SAI Super Match.

Shortly after I got it, the trigger lost its' second stage. I cleaned it..made sure there was no debris or lube in it and it still went right past the 2nd stage and fired like a single stage unit.
I contacted SAI.
They said "Send it In", and I did.
I expected to be charged for a trigger job and when it came back it was sweet!
Not only was it covered under their lifetime warranty, they sent me back all its' manuals and even a "Loaded Coupon" for discounted accessories.

Needless to say, I'm a fan for life.

The trigger on my Supermatch is excellent and rivals what I've had done by some of the better M14 Plumbers in the country.
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